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Art Verve Academy

Learn, Create, & Cultivate!

Our Mission: "We enable adults at any level to learn, create or cultivate the visual arts."

As a small business in lifelong learning and continuing adult education, we focus on the success of the individual learner. We support the vibrant arts community, the local economy, & other art organizations by teaching art classes in rented spaces around Tucson, Arizona.

Our Vision: "To elevate Tucson's identity as one of the top art & cultural destinations within Southern Arizona."

 Classes & Workshops

We offer weekly classes at multiple locations in sketching, drawing or painting in various mediums, subject matter or techniques for adults at any level who would like to learn, create or cultivate the visual arts.

Our team of instructors & professional artists foster a culture of knowledge sharing & growth in a welcoming, encouraging, & considerate environment.

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Learn! Art Classes and Workshops

 Village Art Practice

Sometimes it takes a village with verve to be inspired, find motivation or feel supported!

Village art practice allows face-to-face friendly contact, the free flow of ideas & place where individuals can cultivate together.

Come draw or paint with us in a supportive environment with an Art Verve Instructor present.

Practice with a Community!

Create! Village Art Practice

 Self Study or Meetup

Practice or study at home, we have plenty of online resources! Find educational articles, written by our professional teaching artists at

We also facilitate free self-directed art meetups around Tucson, Arizona for adults at any level, who would like to practice the visual arts with us!

Self Study or Meetup with Us!

Cultivate! Self Study or Meetup

 Art Workshops Abroad

The Art Verve Excursions program facilitates instructor-led art workshops in sketching, drawing or painting abroad. With tours of museums or surrounding architecture, it allows participants the opportunity to explore the visual arts outside the classroom or during vacation.

Ideal for any art lover, art maker, or adventurous art enthusiast, who would like a travel experience that revolves around art & remains with you for a lifetime!

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