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Meredith Milstead

"As a visual artist and teacher in subtle pursuit of that ever elusive yet fully satisfying, spontaneous Aha! I have come to discover an avenue (or two) of coax. I share with readers, students and the curious alike possibilities for bringing the 'Aha!' forth-always an adventure."

About Meredith

Meredith is an artist and fine arts instructor with many years of experience teaching all ages. She believes in building a strong foundation in fundamentals through learning to draw, working with color and painting to achieve artistic excellence. Her classes focus on instilling appreciation and comprehension of the tools and systems required to draw and paint with skill and confidence.

Educated in Europe and exposed to artwork ranging from Grecian antiquity to the contemporary avant-garde, Meredith studied other artist's artwork, art history, and literature in Italy, France, Egypt, Russia, Germany, Norway, Poland and England. She then settled in the southwest after returning to the U.S., where she now continues to travel the region, paint, teach, serve art communities and explore connections between art, culture, and science.