Sherrie Posternak

Sherrie Posternak

My encaustic work addresses themes including "seeing" without prejudice. With this in mind, abstract art can allow the viewer to concentrate on the simple pleasures of enjoying color, composition, pattern, and texture; rather than quickly dismissing a piece because it contains known objects or scenes that the viewer has already categorized.

The effects of time and erosion on natural and man-made objects-- for example decaying metals with patina, multi-layered painted and peeling doorways or car bodies, or out-of-context macro views-- fascinate me. I am a lover of this humbling and ego-busting reality that I term "accidental art."

My life and my art are a continual search for the balance between, and a pleasing combination of the feminine and the masculine, and the intuitive and the intellectual. Hermann Hesse espoused in his books that one should embrace, not negate, any part of the self, even if these parts seem to be opposed.

I demonstrate these ideas and others in various ways that are suited for expression in wax: using amazing color and graphic patterning, creative visual depth by layering, employing textural and transfer techniques, and marrying encaustic paint to other materials.

"Immersed in my creative process, I collaborate with the piece. We converse, allowing my art to grow stronger with each call and response. The finished work is a gift, and the viewer, through reading my passion, is encouraged to interpret it in his/her own way."

Sherrie Posternak
Instructor at the Art Verve Academy

Artwork by Sherrie Posternak


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