Classroom Policy

Classroom Policy

Classroom Policy

The Art Verv Academy strives to maintain a professional environment for all. We take great care to provide learners with information on our policies and strive to be accurate at all times.

If there is a discrepancy between any oral or written communication, the text on this website supersedes any verbal communication.

Please be courteous or respectful to fellow learners, instructors, or administration. When learning a new skill, we all learn from each other. Help create a safe and supportive environment where we can share information, have open discussions and learn from each other.


Email is our primary means of communication. Phone or text is our secondary means of communication. It is your responsibility to include an updated email address or phone number when registering for any class.

Personal Property

The Art Verve Academy is not responsible for the security of property left in any facility or location. However, we have a lost and found box. Contact us if you left something behind.

Cell Phones

As a courtesy to instructors and your fellow students, we ask that you silence your cell phone ringer or put it on vibrate. If you need to take a call, please step out of the classroom to do so.

When learning a new skill, we all learn from each other. Please help us create a supportive environment!


  • Be respectful to all others. Disrespectful or rude behavior is not tolerated under any circumstances. We reserve the right to dismiss any student for misconduct or any disruptive behavior without the obligation to issue a tuition refund.
  • Turn off cell phones or put them on vibrate; please do so outside the classroom if you need to take a call.
  • Come to class on time or set up your studio equipment after the lecture, demonstration, or critique is over.
  • Bring a willingness to learn or, at a minimum, a sense of humor. Attitude is everything!

Supply or Material Lists

Supply lists are available online, click here or visit

What do I need to bring with me?

General supply lists are available on each class enrollment form, listed at the bottom of the page. Instructors may directly email you specifics. Note, please check your spam folder for any class communications before you contact us.

Suppose you have questions regarding supplies or cannot afford certain supplies specified on the list. In that case, the instructor will provide you with materials on the first day and/or provide any details on where to purchase supplies for the remainder of the class or workshop.