Communications Policy

Communications Policy

We use standard tools or platforms to communicate within our community or between instructor and learner. Each allows us to align with our privacy policies.

Per our privacy policy, we do not share any personal information with anyone under any circumstances unless we have written consent from the individual in advance allowing us to share it with other students. To help maintain this level of privacy, we use “Remind,” as it hides or masks all of the individual phone numbers but allows either instructors to group text an entire class or workshop roster or allows students to text each other while taking a class or workshop without sharing out their personal phone numbers.

Since not all US phones are set up for international calls, we use the “WhatsApp Messenger” app to communicate or text with each, when we are abroad. This uses your phone's internet connection, which will allow you to message and/or call anyone anywhere.

We use Slack! It is a platform or app that we use as a private online forum to discuss art or artwork between learners, instructors, or within our Art Verve community. For a basic tutorial on Slack, click here. Note that this forum is private for Art Verve Community (members only). Access is not public for members of our community only. Use the link below to join us or visit