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Christy Olsen

Christy Olsen

Christy Olsen
Christy Olsen

Crafts an experience for the viewer that is both timeless and elegant. Born in Memphis, Tennessee as a third-generation painter, she grew up in a family of artists and played under her mother’s easel. There she was inspired to create at an early age and acquired her passion for drawing.

Her own skills were further developed over time from a unique combination of formal education, self-directed practice, experimentation, and tutelage under several contemporary masters. At a time when representational art was not offered in the fine arts curriculum at most universities, Christy chose to earn a Bachelor's of Art (B.A.) degree in Art History instead, by studying the Old Masters in the classroom. Christy is heavily influenced by the Impressionists of the late 19th and early 20th century, especially the ones who studied in Florence, including Mary Cassatt, Dennis Bunker-Miller, Edmund Tarbell, and Giovanni Boldini.

Christy works in oil or the pastel medium to capture mood, light, or atmosphere. Her work includes visible brushwork or the mark-making from her own impressions, regardless of the subject matter, whether it's the figure, animals, landscape, or still life.

"I have an enthusiastic approach to learning & I love to share information with others. The real gratification of teaching is not in repeating the same information over & over but in discovering something new by viewing the same information through the eyes of someone that has a new & fresh perspective or a questioning mind."

Christy Olsen
Instructor at the Art Verve Academy

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"Want to thank you for great class yesterday, Christy. You have a set of skills that allows students to actively participate as both individuals & as a group, yet you maintain the leadership role. Not an easy thing to do."

Pere' Summers
Previously enrolled in figure drawing.

"Thank you for 'Portraits in Pastel' course. It is very helpful to have you participate actively in the class & share the steps you take in your drawings. Looking forward to taking another course!"

Serial Art Class Taker
Previously enrolled in protraits in pastel.