Materials for Color Mixing Crash Course

Materials for Color Mixing Crash Course

Materials for Color Mixing Crash Course

1) Pencil or Woodless Graphite Pencil (Grade: HB or B)
  • General's
  • OR ®Koh-I-Noor
2) Kneadable Eraser (Any Brand)

3) Sketchbook, spiral or hard-bound, 9x12” size (or larger if you prefer)
  • Aquabee Super Deluxe Sketchbook
  • Or Any Strathmore “Mixed Media” or “Watercolor”, including “Visual Journal”

Materials List

Materials will be discussed extensively on the first day of class so relax and don’t stress if you are not familiar with some of these items.

If you are working in water based oils or acrylics

Any Brand
  • 1 tube of “Primary Blue”
  • 1 tube of “Primary Red”
  • 1 tube of “Primary Yellow”
  • 1 tube of White
If you are working in Watercolor or Opaque Watercolor (Gouache)
Gouache (Preferred: tubes, no cakes) minimum colors include:
EITHER a CMYK set (Brand: Holbein OR Winsor & Newton) which includes
  • 1 tube of Cyan
  • 1 tube of Magenta
  • 1 tube of Yellow
  • 1 tube of Black
(Preferred brand for beginners: Simply Simmons)
  • Flat Brushes, 1 of each (1 inch, No. 6 & No. 4)
  • Round Brushes, 1 of each (No. 10, No. 6)
  • 1 Round Brush, Size No. 1 (Also called a “liner brush” or a “rigger”)

  • Disposable Palette, Glass Palette, Plastic Palette OR Wax Paper for Mixing Paint
  • 1 Palette or Painting Knife (preferred w/ flexible tip)
  • Brush washer OR a disposable cup (for water)
  • Paper Towels OR Disposable Paint Rags 
  • Bulldog clips or artist tape

  • Heavyweight sketchbook paper (preferred size:8.5x11 or larger)
  • OR cardstock office paper that goes into the printer (8.5x11)
  • OR watercolor paper or block (9x12 or larger) (either hot or cold press) 
  • OR a canvas pad

Other Equipment

Table, chairs, floor easels or drawing boards will be provided on a first come, first served basis.