Materials for Everyday or Urban Sketching

Materials for Everyday or Urban Sketching

Materials for Everyday or Urban Sketching

1) Pencil or Woodless Graphite Pencil (Grade: HB or B)

  • General's
  • OR ®Koh-I-Noor

2) Kneadable Eraser (Any Brand)

3) Ink pen with waterproof black ink

  • Sharpie Pen (Not Marker)
  • Or Sakura Micron
  • Or Pitt Artist Pen
  • Or Fountain pen with Platinum Carbon Black ink

4) Sketchbook, spiral or hard-bound, 5x8” size (or smaller or larger if you prefer)

  • Any Strathmore “Mixed Media” or “Watercolor”, including “Visual Journal”
  • Or Global Arts Hand*Book (Travelogue or Watercolor)
  • Or Moleskine Watercolor
  • Or any Stillman & Birn
  • Or Aquabee Super Deluxe Sketchbook
  • Or Pentalic Nature Sketch or Aqua Journal

5) Watercolor Kit (Bring what you have. If you don't have anything…)

  • Winsor Newton Cotman Pocket Box (best student-grade paints available, nice compact size for travel, inexpensive, a good palette of colors)
  • Size 8 round watercolor brush (I love Silver Black Velvet, especially the travel brush)
  • Small water sprayer (Mini Mister is the smallest)
  • 1-2 plastic cups for water (Collapsible silicone cups from REI are nice)
  • Paper towels

6) 1-2 objects for each class to sketch, nothing too fragile or cumbersome to carry;

  • Snack bar in still its wrapper
  • Tube of toothpaste
  • Stuffed animal or figurine
  • Oddly-shaped fruit or vegetable
  • Hand tool like hammer, scissors, pliers