Materials for Opaque Watercolor (Gouache)

Opaque Watercolor (Gouache)

Opaque Watercolor (Gouache)

Supply List

1) Paint (gouache tubes are preferred)
  • Holbein’s or Winsor & Newton’s 5 color gouache set, includes cyan, magenta, yellow, black & white (CMYK + white)
You may purchase any brand 1 tube each of:
  • Primary Red
  • Primary Yellow
  • Primary Blue
  • White
2) Brushes
Watercolor Brushes (Simply Simmons is a preferred brand for experimentation)
  • Flat 1/2 inch or ¾ inch
  • Flat No. 6 o Flat No. 4
  • Round No. 10
  • Round No. 6
  • Round No. 1 (Also called a liner brush or a rigger)

3) Surfaces
  • Heavyweight sketchbook paper (preferred size: 9x12 or larger)
  • OR Cardstock office paper that goes into the printer (8.5x11)
  • OR Watercolor paper or block (preferred size: 9x12 or larger) either hot (smooth) or cold (rough) press

4) Palette for Mixing Paint
  • Disposable Palette
  • OR Glass Palette
  • OR Plastic Palette
  • OR Wax Paper

5) Studio Equipment
  • Paper towels OR disposable paint rags
  • Cup (for water)
  • Palette Knife (preferred w/ flexible tip)
  • Easel or drawing boards will be provided