Memorial Contributions

Memorial Contributions

Memorial Contributions

A donation in someones name to create art is a unique way to honor an extraordinary person who has touched your life. Your contribution can provide funding for others based on financial need or merit to help those students, who are eligible, improve their Visual Art skills or continue their education.

Linda Kay Capps-Olsen Scholarship

In loving memory of Linda Olsen, 100% of your contributions benefits the Linda Kay Capps-Olsen Scholarship fund.

Linda Kay Capps-Olsen was known for her fine art skills in oil painting, musical talents, playing both the piano and accordion, good humor, and strong religious faith. She was also a well-established phenomenal portrait painter and representational artist. She spent a lot of time teaching others how to draw, paint, make art or be creative. She taught visual art classes to adults, teenagers via Shelby county public school and also served as a caregiver for the elderly.

Linda Olsen leaves an artistic legacy that will be honored by her two children, Christy Olsen of Tucson, Arizona, and Cindy Manolopolous of Knoxville, Tennessee as well as her granddaughter Taylor Brooke Finnegan.

As a small business, it is important for us to give back to the community. Scholarship applications will be accepted and reviewed throughout the year, and are awarded based on availability. Contact us for more details or see the application form for restrictions.

Contributors to the Linda Kay Capps-Olsen Schlarhip Fund

A Very Special THANKS to the following contributors of the Linda Kay Capps Olsen scholarship.

  • Carrie Mook Bridgman of Louisville, Kentucky
  • Laura Krug of Memphis, Tennessee
  • Amy Magnon of Tucson, Arizona
  • Nancy McKay of Tucson, Arizona
  • Rebecca Miller of Tucson, Arizona
  • Pam Murphy of Tucson, Arizona
  • Carl Olsen of Memphis, Tennessee
  • Christy Olsen of Tucson, Arizona
  • Trish Patterson-Haak of Blacksburg, Virgina
  • Albis Samonides of Memphis, Tennessee

We appreciate your consistent dedication and support by helping others learn, create and cultivate the Visual Arts!