Michele Vaughan

Michele Vaughan

Michele Vaughan

Michele Vaughan
Michele Vaughan

Is a mixed media artist that works with paper or cloth. A lot of her free time is dedicated to practicing "Art Journaling," a technique that is all about self-expression.

Michele often pairs her drawings, prints, or watercolors with collage, or other mixed media through layers and finds "Art Journaling" to be a powerful source of inspiration and motivation for anyone to stay focused. Michele loves the creative process, and consciously brings more creativity into her life through the practice of "Art Journaling."

Michele's always been attracted to inspirational words, quotes, texture, and color. Years ago, she worked as a corporate executive in Colorado for Hewlett Package (HP). After her mom was diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia, she quit her job and moved to Tucson, Arizona to be with her mother. Art Journaling and her creative process became an outlet for her to adapt to her mother's situation and haven. After her mother passed, Michele stayed in Tucson where she began teaching art and yoga.

Michele loves to teach absolute beginners or those who do not have any previous art training or background in art. She feels that art is for everyone and everyone IS creative, so she makes it her priority to create an encouraging community environment where students can learn from each other and feel empowered.

"I was drawn to art journaling because I love color and I didn't think I could draw well. Art Journaling gave me a venue to be creative and helped me develop my own artistic process."

Michele Vaughan
Instructor at the Art Verve Academy

Artwork by Michele Vaughn

Testimonials on Michele's Instruction

"Thanks so much for a lovely class yesterday! So fun. You are a natural teacher: organized, clear, kind and patient!"
Anonymous Student at the Art Verve Academy

Video Snippet of Michele Teaching

From the "What is Mono-typing? Exploring Printmaking & Mark Making" class, Michele explains Monoprints.


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