Syllabus for Drawing in Pen and Ink

Syllabus for Drawing in Pen and Ink

Syllabus for Drawing in Pen and Ink

Session 1

Tools & Materials
  • Inks
  • Pens: Quill or Dip Pen, Calligraphy or Fountain, Technical, Ballpoint or Marker
  • Nibs or Converters
  • Surfaces
  • Brushes

Ways to Apply Ink
  • Shading (Hatching or Cross Hatching with a 5 scale)
  • Outline or Contour (Calligraphic Line or Calligraphy)
  • Cross Contour
  • Block In or Local Value

Mark-making Techniques (In Class Exercise)
  • Calligraphic Line or Calligraphy
  • Hatching
  • Cross Hatching
  • Cross Contour Hatching
  • Stippling or Dots
  • Scribbles

Texture (In Class Exercise)
  • Wood Grain or Bark
  • Fur or Feathers
  • Reptile Skin

Simplifying Values
  • Work from Life

  • Finish or complete any other class exercises
  • Start a Pen & Ink Journal - It can be as simple or complex as you desire. Create color swatches of each tube or color of paint and label it (use this as a reference or to find out what colors are missing)
  • Purchase supplies if you need to
  • Start thinking about value everyday, how could you simplify it?
  • Copy the Masters, Work from the Gibson Girls by Charles Dana Gibson

Session 2

Using a Brush
  • Japanese Ink Painting
  • How to Use a Brush Pen

Ink Washes
  • Silhouettes
  • Values & Layers
  • Painting with Color Inks

  • Take more Art Classes!