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Absolute Beginners Are Welcome!

Yes! Prerequisites are not required for any class with a skill level that lists "Absolute beginner."

Absolute beginners to advanced are welcome to enroll. Please review each registration form's "skill level" if you are looking for intermediate to advanced.

Anyone May Learn

Sketching, art journaling, drawing or painting are skills that may be learned with knowledge, practice, and a supportive community!

Our Learning Process

Learning is vital to the success of any classroom, but it doesn't just happen. Our instructors are essential in the process, and we believe good teaching is an art!

We recognize unique visual artists who are lifelong learners with exceptional intrapersonal communication skills as vital in learning. We provide them a platform to teach as visual art instructors, a way to connect with others outside the studio and become an integral part of our overall curriculum.

Each of our instructors creates an experience and is critical in the process. Each builds a community of learners, encouraging individuals to improve their skills or make meaningful connections with others. They create a respectful environment that is warm, welcoming, and non-judgemental, where learners focus on techniques of medium or subject matter, not a specific artistic style or unique aesthetic.

Learning a New Skill?

Below are some links to perspectives that can inspire you to get started or continue on.

May I donate?

Yes, you may!

Donations Without a Tax Credit

Yes, we may take your art supply donations. However, we operate as a privately owned small business and can not provide you with a tax credit receipt.

Donations With a Tax Credit

If you wish to receive a tax credit for your art supply or book donations, please donate to the Tucson Pastel Society.

They are a 501(c)(3) operated organization and will happily provide you with a receipt and drop-off location.

You may contact them via their contact form. Click here.

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