Whether you are an absolute beginner, novice, or professional artist, you will find an experience with us that will take your knowledge and understanding to the next level!

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Mahatma Gandhi


Follow these steps to get started!

Skill levels vary between a combination of knowledge, understanding, or practice. Below are the definitions or guidance on what level to look for when registering or enrolling.

  1. Absolute Beginners - May have never been inside an art supply store or need guidance on what materials to purchase. They may have never taken art classes or be unfamiliar with tools, techniques, or studio equipment.
  2. Beginners to Intermediate - Have some prior experience or have taken some classes.
  3. Intermediate - Is a novice or comfortable practicing within a studio environment.

For those who need help figuring out where to start, look for anything marked as "Absolute Beginner."

Depending on your comfort level, adults may enter any class, workshop, or event marked as "open for enrollment."

Registration or enrollment is required to attend any class or workshop. It reserves your seat and ensures the instructor is prepared for your arrival with handouts or materials, etc. Visit the course catalog to see what is currently available.

If this is your first class with us, please complete this one-time required admissions form before the first session.

If you skip the online completion, we'll give you a hard copy in person.

Please help us create a respectful, safe, and supportive environment where we may all share information, discuss openly, or learn from one another.

Be respectful to all others. Disrespectful or rude behavior is not tolerated under any circumstances. We reserve the right to dismiss any student for misconduct or disruptive behavior without the obligation to issue a refund.

No judgment; everyone should feel free to ask questions or share their work without ridicule.

Do not disrupt discussions or lectures. Set up your studio equipment afterward, or wait until formal group discussions have ceased.

Turn off cell phones or put them on vibrate. If you need to take a call, please step outside the classroom so others can concentrate or hear the instructor.

Bring a willingness to learn or, at a minimum, a sense of humor. Attitude is everything!

Depending on how you chose to be contacted when you registered or enrolled, the instructor or administration may email, text, or call you with information or updates about your class, workshop, or event. Please check your spam folder, email, or phone for text or voice messages.

Our Curriculum

We are a vocational-type school that offers 2D visual art classes for adults in drawing, painting, or design. Take a workshop or class, or join our community, to experience the "verve" it will propel your artistic journey forward!

We determine what workshops or classes to offer based on the demand or by request from our community. We build our schedule based on when instructors are available or when a specific facility is available for us to rent.

Some classes are offered repeatedly yearly or in a series revolving around a specific medium or subject matter. Our curriculum is designed like a carousel, so various skill levels may enter at any time based on their comfort level.

You are welcome to repeat classes based on your interests as often as you like.

Art Verve Carosel

Classroom chronicles or "past" classes or workshops were offered previously and are no longer open for enrollment. Visit our blog posts to see photos of student work or demonstrations!

Weekly class sessions are 3 hours long, including 15-minute or periodic breaks. Start-to-finish times will be listed below the event description.

Workshop sessions are usually all day, from morning to afternoon, including a 1-hour lunch break. Specific terms and conditions will be listed below the event description, which may or may not include a non-refundable deposit.

Adults (over 18) are welcome to register. Ages 16 & up may attend if accompanied by a guardian.

Unfortunately, we do NOT offer youth or teen classes now. Please visit the Drawing Studio's website for information on their youth program.

Learning is vital to the success of any classroom, but it doesn't just happen. Our instructors are essential in the process, and we believe good teaching is an art!

Tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I remember, involve me, and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

Our Instructors love to share their techniques and are known for creating a supportive classroom environment. They make a  respectful environment that is warm, welcoming, and non-judgemental, where learners focus on medium techniques or subject matter, not a specific artistic style or unique aesthetic.

Jill Bauman

Jill Bauman

Instructor for drawing, colored pencil & acrylic.

Stacy Egan

Stacy Egan

Instructor for watercolor and urban sketching.

Lisa Larrabee

Lisa Larrabee

Instructor for drawing, painting & design.

Christy Olsen

Christy Olsen

Instructor for drawing, painting & design.

Susan Richards

Susan Richards

Instructor for art journaling, collage, and mixed media techniques.

Teresa Tipton

Teresa Tipton

Instructor for abstract art and mixed media techniques.

Classes, Workshops, or Events (In-Person)

We are seasonal. Most of our schedule is held in the fall or spring, and very few in the summer.

"Planned" weekly classes are facilitated and added per semester. Most of our schedule is held in the fall or spring, and very few in the summer since we are seasonal. Planned classes, workshops, or events open for enrollment at the end of June and December.

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Click here for a list of upcoming classes or workshops or currently "Open for Enrollment."

"On-Demand" classes, workshops, or events are facilitated based on the requests of our students or learners. We add them from time to time within a semester. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates!

Contact us or ask your instructor if you would like to suggest a class, workshop, or event.

Weekly classes in an open studio format or with independent study are perfect for those who want feedback, inspiration, or the vitality of working with other creative individuals. The instructor will guide you in finding your visual voice, achieving your artistic vision, or cultivating creativity.

Social Learning

Is a learning process and type of social behavior which proposes that new behaviors can be acquired by observing and imitating others. Social learning theory considers how environmental and cognitive factors influence human learning and behavior.

We do not own a dedicated building. We rent spaces that include the following. Click on each for detailed information on each location, i.e., parking.

Tucson Pastel Society (TPS)

Tucson Pastel Society (TPS)

Address: 2447 N. Los Altos Ave. Tucson, Arizona 85705
Parking & Entrance: Park behind the building and enter through the back door next to the parking lot.

International Wildlife Museum

International Wildlife Museum

Address: 4800 West Gates Pass Boulevard. Tucson, Arizona 85745
Parking & Entrance: Park in front of the building and enter through the front door. Turn left into the cafeteria.

Yume Japanese Gardens

Yume Japanese Gardens

Address: 2130 N. Alvernon Way, Tucson, Arizona 85712
Parking & Entrance: Park in front. Enter the through the door from the parking lot. If the lot is full, please park behind the shopping center on the southeast corner of Grant Road. Do not park on the street.

On Location

On Location

Address: Will be provided before the first session.
Parking & Entrance: Will be provided before the first session.

We reward returning students! Collect tuition receipts or get a punch card to track your progress.

If you have taken 5 classes at the Art Verve Academy, you can receive a discount on your sixth class. Please note that you must keep track of your punch card or present your tuition receipts to receive the discount.

Art Verve Academy
Loyalty Rewards Punch Card

You can join a waitlist if your desired workshop, class, or event is full. Submit the form, and we will contact you if anyone drops from the roster.

Virtual (Live Online)

"Live Online" events are real-time via Google Meet or Zoom from home

"Live Online" events are real-time via Google Meet or Zoom from home. Professional feedback or personalized instruction is intended for adults or older teens who can work independently.

Click to see a list of all the virtual or online lessons offered.

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