About Us

About Us

About Us

We are Tucson, Arizona's most memorable mobile art school! We proudly offer adult classes or workshops in the 2D Visual Arts with verve! Learn how to sketch, draw, or paint face-to-face within a group setting in various mediums, techniques, or subjects. Adults and ages over 16 (or accompanied by a guardian) at any level are welcome to register or enroll today!

What We Offer

We offer educational services in the 2D Visual Arts for adults in Tucson, Arizona with verve!

We are dedicated to

  • Facilitate hands-on adult classes in sketching, drawing, painting, or mixed media within a studio environment or group setting.
  • Provide social learning and support for adult creative individual learners, where they can make meaningful connections and practice their skills.
  • Provide instruction for adult professionals who want to develop their skills further.

‘Enable adults at any level to learn, create, or cultivate
the 2D Visual Arts!’

Our Mission

Who Are We

Art Verve Academy is a small, privately-owned business that aids, sponsors & supports other non-profit art organizations or small local businesses within Southern Arizona.

We operate as a collective for social or local economic benefit and pride ourselves on making the local community a better place. We strategically partner with others that share the same vision or worthy cause. It's how we got started in 2016.

We do not attribute any individual or individuals in creating our unique culture or the community phenomenon that continues to develop organically.

‘Cultivate the Visual Arts Community of southern Arizona!’

Our Vision

How Are We Unique

We are a mobile art school! We are atypical because we do not own or have a dedicated building. We hold classes or workshops in rented spaces around Tucson, Arizona.

We foster a culture of knowledge, sharing, & growth in a welcoming, encouraging, & considerate environment. Our instructors do not endorse a specific artistic style or unique aesthetic.

Individuals are encouraged to improve their skills with individual one-on-one attention and explore their creative abilities.

‘Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.’

John Steinbeck

Why We Love What We Do!

We're fascinated by personal growth, inspiration, and what makes others want to create within a collective. We love our community of lifelong learners. It's a two-way street, they inspire, cultivate, and help us grow!