Create in the Studio!

Create Studio Art!

We encourage individuals to explore their creative abilities or personal aesthetics. Our instructors create a warm, welcoming, and nonjudgmental environment in which learners focus on a specific medium, subject, or technique, not a specific artistic style.

Art Verve Academy

Preparing for Your Class!

If you register or enroll in a workshop or class, your instructor will email you a material or supply list within the first week before the session begins. Please check your spam folder for the communication.

If you do not receive an email from your instructor, all materials will be provided on the first day. However, you should always bring something to take notes with and some basic drawing materials. Click here for that list.

New Learners?

If this is your first class with us, please complete this one-time required admissions form before the first session. If you skip the online completion, we'll give you a hard copy in person.

About the Studio

Studio art classes occur within a space where students work on their pieces under supervision from the instructor in an ample studio space.

Easels, tables, or chairs are usually provided with some art supplies or consumable materials.


Here's what you need to bring, purchase, or wear!

What to Bring?

Please bring some basic drawing materials or something to take notes with. Click here for that list.

If there is anything specific the instructor would like you to bring besides what was listed on the enrollment form, they will email you directly the week before the class begins.

Please check your spam folder for any communications from the instructor.

If you do not receive an email from your instructor, all materials or supplies will be provided on the first day of class.

Some consumable materials are usually available for experimentation. This includes paint, ink, glue, etc.

Shop Local Art Supplies

Most locally-owned art supply stores will give you a 20% discount if you are enrolled in an Art Verve Academy class. Be sure to inquire at check out. Some may ask for proof or the receipt of your enrollment. 

We partner with local art suppliers in Arizona!

Partnerships are brokered between the Art Verve Academy and small businesses within Arizona to provide awareness, leverage collective resources, or introduce new products, materials, or art supplies. Our local promotional partners include:

Arizona Art Supply Store
Posner's Art Store

What to Wear?

Wear comfortable shoes if you plan on standing at an easel. Depending on the medium, you may get dirty, so bring an apron or an old shirt suitable for getting stained, soiled, or ruined.

If you are taking an 'On Location' or Plein air class, bring a hat, plenty of water, and wear sunscreen or insect repellent. The instructor will email you the location, address, directions, or instructions the week before the class or workshop begins.

Where to Go?

We are Tucson's most memorable mobile art school. We rent spaces in and around Tucson, Arizona.

We do not own a dedicated building. The registration or enrollment form will list the location for each event.

Click to visit the locations page for a list of all current locations.


We strive to maintain a respectful studio environment at all times. Please help us create a safe and supportive environment where we may all share information, discuss openly, or learn from one another.

Our Expectations

Be respectful to all others. Disrespectful or rude behavior is not tolerated under any circumstances. We reserve the right to dismiss any student for misconduct or disruptive behavior without the obligation to issue a refund.

No judgment; everyone should feel free to ask questions or share their work without ridicule.

Do not disrupt discussions or lectures. Set up your studio equipment afterward, or wait until formal group discussions have ceased.

Turn off cell phones or put them on vibrate. If you need to take a call, please step outside the classroom so others can concentrate or hear the instructor.

Bring a willingness to learn or, at a minimum, a sense of humor. Attitude is everything!

Please Keep it Clean!

Painters, inkers, or printmakers are encouraged to use the provided drop cloths over tabletops or underneath their work or palettes.

Once you are done working for the day, please clean the areas where you have worked.

If you made a mess, no worries, but please clean it up. If you need help or cleaning supplies, just ask.

Do not leave the water turned on. Ensure the faucet is turned off after using any sink. 

Our Studio Policy

We strive to maintain a safe environment when using equipment or working in the studio. If you need clarification, just ask the instructor.

Safety First!

We strive to maintain a safe environment for all. If you need clarification, just ask. We are not responsible for injuries sustained due to careless or improper use of tools or equipment.

Please pay careful attention when using sharp tools, such as cutting tools, razor blades, or X-ACTO knives.

Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS)

We follow Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) laws and regulations.

  • Do NOT pour chemicals down the sink at any time or location.
  • NO dumping chemicals in the storm sewers at any time or location.
  • Any brush cleaning should be done in a janitorial sink or at home.

Oil Painters

Here's what you need to know!


We do NOT allow Turpentine to be used or stored anywhere. It is a solvent used for thinning oil-based paints.

Instead, odorless minerals or white spirits, a common organic solvent or petroleum-derived clear liquid, must be used. This allows oil painters to utilize traditional techniques without compromise. Gamblin Gamsol is recommended as one of the safest odorless mineral spirits.

Oily Rags

Oily paper towels or painter's rags should be disposed of in the red can marked for safe disposal of solvent-soaked materials. They are highly flammable and may ignite without a spark within severe heating conditions.

Oil Paints

To clean your palette, wipe any extra paint off with a paper towel and throw it in the red can marked for safe disposal of solvent-soaked materials.


Here's what you need to know!

Publicity Waiver

We retain the right to photograph or video any event, activity, or student work at its discretion without incurring obligations.

Unless informed otherwise, we will consider photographs or videos taken in class or any workshop permissible for publication for informational, marketing purposes, web, or social media.

No Photography of Nude Models

Live Model Nude Photography is NEVER allowed. Refer to the section on live models for more information on policy versus etiquette.

Find Reference Photographs

When working with reference photography, look for a Creative Commons license.

What is a Creative Commons License?

It is one of several public copyright licenses that enable the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted "work." This license is used when an author wants to give others the right to share, use, and build upon a work they have created.

  1. Pixaby is a site that offers images that have a Creative Commons license.
  2. Unsplash has freely usable images powered by creators everywhere.
  3. MorgueFile free images for creatives, by creatives,

Copyright Laws

The general rule in copyright law is that the work's author is also the copyright owner. Photographers hired on an independent contractor basis or for a specific job are usually the copyright owners of the photographs, even if the pictures were taken for a client.

Life Drawing

Here's what you need to know!


Life drawing sessions in class or the open studio have their own policies and etiquette.


  • NEVER touch the model or correct the model's pose.
  • Photography is NEVER permitted during a nude session. Taking a shot of any model while posing nude is NOT allowed under any circumstance, with no exceptions, even if the model agrees! We will ask you to delete the image and leave it immediately.


Live Model Etiquette refers to some basic guidelines when working with a live model.


  • Tip the model. It is encouraged. If you liked the model's poses or felt they did well, please tip them when the session ends.
  • Be quiet while they are posing. Too much movement or noise makes it hard for them to hold the pose.
  • Remember, the model is here to do a job. Please respect their break time and limit your conversations accordingly.

Situational Awareness

  • Photography is ONLY permitted during a clothed or costumed session and at the model's discretion. If you want to take reference photographs of them, please ask them first! They may or may not charge a fee for each picture, as this is their profession, and they are entitled to do so.


Free Handouts Available

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Handouts are created by our very own instructors! Teachers Pay Teachers allows anyone to download our free handouts or to purchase handouts online via the web!

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Handouts Available For Purchase

Example Handout

Handouts are created by our very own instructors! Teachers Pay Teachers allows anyone to download our free handouts or to purchase handouts online via the web!

Proceeds from handouts support purchasing consumable materials used on-site in our local classes.

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