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We believe anyone can learn to sketch, draw, or paint with practice, knowledge, and access to a supportive community!

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Hands on Adult Visual Art Classes
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Watercolor Techniques!
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Fun with Pencils!
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Drawing Techniques!
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Creative Pathways with Individual Feedback
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Mixed Media!
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Creative Pathways with Individual Feedback!
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Drawing on Toned Paper!
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Drawing Basics & Essentials
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Sketching or Painting!
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Fun with Pencils!
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Gouache or Opaque Watercolor!
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Classroom On Location!
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Color Wheel or Color Theory!
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Color Mixing!
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Painless Perspective!
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Supportive Classroom Environment!
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Individual Feedback!

Your Journey Awaits!

Adults ages 16 & up (or accompanied by a guardian) are welcome to register for any of our face-to-face 2D visual art classes or workshops.

New to the Art Verve?

Verve is synonymous with vigor, the energy or enthusiasm behind expressing an idea, which is vital in the creative process! Artists need this type of stuff to keep on creating over time.

If you would like to get started, it's easy! Visit our orientation for the simple steps to take!


From learners who have taken our classes or workshops!

"Art Verve Academy is a wonderful, friendly place to learn and do art. The instructors are extremely skillful and knowledgeable. I find their classes exciting and so much fun. I highly recommend taking classes from Art Verve Academy!"

Adele Abrams
Previously enrolled in watercolor colors classes.

"Instructors are a talented group. They provide constructive feedback."

Pere' Summers
Previously enrolled in drawing the facial features.

"Great watercolor instruction and a wonderful community of artists to talk with and learn from."

Rebecca Miller
Previously enrolled in drawing and watercolor classes.

"I had put down my art interest for more than two years. I needed something to 'kick-start' it again. I took two classes from Art Verve Academy. They were 'Drawing the Human Head' with Christy Olsen and 'Exploring Watercolor Textures' with Stacy Egan. Both of these classes & their instructors were very, very good & just what I needed to 'kick-start' my art activities again. I would strongly recommend these classes & the Art Verve Academy!!!"

John Liebert
a.k.a. Artist Wannabe! Previously enrolled in drawing and watercolor classes.

Whether you are an absolute beginner, novice, or professional artist, you will find an experience with us that will take your skills to the next level. Click below to find out more!