Orientation for New Learners

Orientation for New Learners

New Student Orientation

If you would like get started and take an in-person class or workshop with us, steps for new students or what we call 'learners' are listed below.

These are the definitions or guidance on what skill level you should look for when registering for a class or workshop with us.

  1. An Absolute Beginner may be unfamiliar with art supplies or have never taken an art class. They may not know what to buy in an art supply store or have never been shopping for art supplies.
  2. A Beginner is someone who has taken at least one art class, workshop, or drawing class but may not yet be confident in either drawing or painting (just starting to learn visual art skills).
  3. Intermediate is someone who has a solid understanding of drawing lines, shapes, or values. It may also be someone with substantial experience in either color mixing or brush types.
  4. Advanced is anyone with either superb drawing or painting skills or who has mastered a single medium or multiple mediums.

For those unsure where to start, join us for a free 'Meetup' session to speak to an instructor or someone in person for guidance or encouragement.

All students or learners must provide admissions with emergency contact information. Please use the link below to provide your information to us. Note that if you do not wish to fill out the online form, we will give you a paper form in person on the first day of your class or workshop.

Weekly classes or workshops are offered at multiple locations in Tucson, Arizona. Learners may enter any class or workshop open for enrollment based on their comfort or skill level and are more than welcome to repeat any class or workshop as often as they like.

Please register or enroll before attending any class or workshop. It reserves your seat and ensures the instructor is prepared for your arrival. Visit the enrollment page to see what is currently offered or available. You may subscribe to our newsletter to receive information when new classes or workshops are added or open to registration. Enrollment is complete when you pay tuition; you may pay online using a credit card or pay in person on the first day with a check, cash, or credit card.

If you need driving directions, visit the 'Locations' page.' If your class or workshop is 'On Location' or in a 'Private Studio,' the instructor will email you the location, address, directions, or instructions the week before the class or workshop begins.

Wear comfortable shoes if you plan on standing at an easel or bring a table easel. Depending on the medium, you may get dirty so bring an apron or an old shirt that is suitable to get stained, soiled, or ruined.

If you are taking an 'On Location' or Plein air class, bring a hat, plenty of water, and wear sunscreen or insect repellent.

Suppose your instructor requires specific supplies or materials. In that case, they will email you a list during the week before the class or workshop begins. They will also provide you with specific materials upon your arrival, depending on what the class or workshop registration form states.

Most supply lists are already posted online; click here to visit our classroom blog for more information or to read about our instructor-recommended supplies specific to each medium or technique.