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Exchange new ideas, tools, tips, or techniques with other like-minded individuals.

This is a safe place where the community may discuss work in progress or share information without the ramifications of social media or full exposure to the internet.

We use it to discuss art or artwork between learners, each other, and instructors within our community. It cultivates social learning and provides support for other creatives.

Our forum is open to any member of the Art Verve Community. and is free of charge

This includes anyone who has:

  • Taken an Art Verve class or workshop,
  • Attended an Art Verve in-person or virtual meetup,
  • Or any instructor who teaches with the Art Verve.

If you would like access and have been involved in the community, please contact us so we may create your account.

Please note that if your email address changes, we will need to update your account.

You must be logged in to access the forum, since it is private for members only.

You will need an account to log in. We'll send you a link with instructions to create an account.

The forum is private for members only. To become a member:

1) Take any class or workshop with the Art Verve Academy in Tucson, Arizona, to become a member.

2) Visit and join one of our online virtual drawing or painting sessions, to become a member. We will give you access when the meeting starts after you have asked for your email address. We will send you a link with instructions to create an account. 

Use the link below to join us online.

The forum is free of charge but, you will need an account to log in as it is private for members only.

We use Slack as a platform or app.

You may log on within a browser or download the desktop or phone app for more capabilities.

For a basic tutorial on Slack or posting in class or at home artwork for constructive feedback, click here.

In progress artwork or work from beginners may not be appropriate to post on social media. Here we may post images of our artwork, whether in progress or finished, where we may ask for constructive feedback free from ridicule.

The forum gives us a safe and supportive environment where we may learn from each other.

Check our calendar for meetups dates, times or locations: