Nurture, self-study, or get support from a collective community to develop your visual art skills.

I paint flowers so they will not die.

Frida Kahlo

Our Community

The Art Verve Association is a place to exchange new ideas, tools, tips, or techniques with like-minded individuals in person or virtually online with our community.

In-person Meetups are sponsored by the Art Verve Academy to support creatives and encourage social learning. They are free and open to the public for those individuals who enjoy practicing 2D visual arts together within a group setting.

Become a Member

We're an active group of adults who practice the Visual Arts across all generations, from beginner to advanced. Visit to become a member.

Practice with other enthusiasts, work in any 2D visual art medium, or bring any previously completed work to share with us!

Find Meetup Times & Locations

Check our calendar for meetups dates, times, and locations:

The Art Verve Organization provides a private online environment, free of charge, to cultivate social learning. Built around shared interests, support for creatives, and moderated by instructors from the Art Verve Academy, it's a great way to connect with others and develop your skills.

Exchange ideas, tips, new tools, or techniques with like-minded folks. We share work in progress during virtual meetups, homework, or other art-related topics without exposure to social media or the internet. To learn more on how to join or use it, click here.

Community Partners

We are local to Tucson, Arizona, and we want people to know that we support improving our local community.

Strategic or Promotional Partners

We partner with other small businesses or organizations to support them if we share the same vision or worthy cause.

We advocate, volunteer, or donate funding to the following organizations.

Tubac School of Fine Art
Tucson Pastel Society
Yume Japanese Gardens

Shop Local Art Supplies

If you are currently enrolled in an Art Verve Academy class, most locally-owned art supply stores will give you a 20% off discount, be sure to call ahead and ask or inquire at check out.

We partner with local art suppliers in Arizona!

Partnerships are brokered between the Art Verve Academy and small businesses within Arizona to provide awareness, leverage collective resources, or introduce new products, materials, or art supplies. Our local promotional partners include:

Arizona Art Supply Store
Posner's Art Store

Community Outreach

We are open to donations.

We do take donations. However, we operate as a privately owned small business and can not provide you with a tax credit receipt.

If you wish to receive a tax credit for any donations, please donate to the Tucson Pastel Society.

They are a 501(c)(3) operated organization and will happily provide you with a receipt and drop-off location.

You may contact them via their contact form. Click here.

Self Study

Self-study is a valuable tool to enhance any learning experience or master any skill.

Articles Written by Instructors

Resources from Our Visual Arts EDU blog.

  • Visuals Art Blog - The many types of drawing
  • Drawing - The many types of drawing
  • Painting - Applying paint, pigment, or color
  • Mixed Media - Using multiple materials or mediums
  • Printing - Transfer of ink or paint
  • Color - Topics, Pigments, Paints, or Palettes
  • Design - Vision, envisioning, or planning any creation

Visual Art "How To" - Video Snippets from the Art Verve Instructors

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