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Get support from our community to nurture, practice, or further develop your 2D Visual Art skills.

Art Verve Academy

Art Verve Community or Association

The Art Verve Association is a place to exchange new ideas, tools, tips, or techniques with like-minded individuals in person or virtually online with our community. To learn more on how to join, click here.

Art Verve In-Person Community

The Art Verve Association provides in-person Meetups to support creatives and encourage social learning. They are free and open to the public, and they are for individuals who enjoy practicing 2D visual arts together in a group setting. To learn more about how to join, click here.

Art Verve Private Forum Online

The Art Verve Association provides a private online environment, free of charge, to cultivate social learning. Moderated by instructors from the Art Verve Academy, it's a great way to connect with others and develop your skills. To learn more on how to join or use it, click here.

Art Verve Social Media Group Page

Our Facebook group is private and open to instructors or anyone who has taken a class at the Art Verve Academy or attended an Art Verve Village meetup. Post your artwork, share studies and information about supplies, or just chat about anything art-related.

If you want to join, go to the page and ask to join. The administrator will allow you to enter. Click here to visit or go to

Community Outreach

We are open to donations.

Donations Without a Tax Credit

We do take donations. However, we can not provide you with a tax credit receipt as a privately owned small business.

If you think our cause is worthy, there are multiple ways you may help. The easiest way is to "Chip In." Use the button; it will take you to a secure encrypted form.

Your contributions directly support the facilitation of our events, classes, or workshops! Please note any donations you provide are not considered tax-deductible. We do not maintain a 501(c)(3) status as our services are not considered charity.

We operate as a small, privately owned business that performs educational services. We partner with other small businesses or organizations to support the local art community in Tucson, Arizona, but we do not provide any direct financial support to anyone or organization. We accept unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, and art guilds and are not obligated to disclose the names or amounts of any specific donation to the general public.

A Very Special THANKS to our contributors, volunteers, & sponsors, who enhance, donate, or help make the Art Verve experience happen! We appreciate your dedication and consistent support to make our community thrive and to make Tucson one of the top arts & cultural destinations within southern Arizona!

Donations With a Tax Credit

If you wish to receive a tax credit for any donations, please donate to the Tucson Pastel Society.

They are a 501(c)(3) operated organization and will happily provide you with a receipt and drop-off location.

You may contact them via their contact form. Click here.

Self Study

Self-study is a valuable tool to enhance any learning experience or master any skill.

Instruction is written by Instructors.

Articles Written by Instructors

Resources from Our Visual Arts EDU blog.

  • Visuals Art Blog - The many types of drawing
  • Drawing - The many types of drawing
  • Painting - Applying paint, pigment, or color
  • Mixed Media - Using multiple materials or mediums
  • Printing - Transfer of ink or paint
  • Color - Topics, Pigments, Paints, or Palettes
  • Design - Vision, envisioning, or planning any creation

Video Snippets

Visual Art "How To" - Video Snippets from the Art Verve Instructors

I paint flowers so they will not die.

Frida Kahlo

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