Conduct Policy

Behavior / Conduct Policy

Behavior / Conduct Policy

We strive to maintain a respectful and supportive environment for all. Poor conduct is not tolerated.

Updated May 29, 2023

We reserve the right to dismiss any student for misconduct, disrespect, or disruptive behavior without the obligation to issue a refund.

Alcohol beverages are NOT permitted at any location during any event.

Use of illegal substances is NOT prohibited at any location or event, with no exceptions.

No Firearms or Weapons

Concealed or unconcealed firearms or weapons are NOT permitted at any location or event and are strictly prohibited, with no exceptions.

Smoking or Vaping

No smoking or vaping is NOT allowed inside any location.

Arizona State Law

Smoking or vaping is NOT allowed in public buildings or within 20 feet of any building entrance, according to Arizona State Law.

Model Etiquette

Live Model Etiquette refers to some basic guidelines when working with a live model. Remember, the model is here to do a job, so please respect their break time and limit your conversations accordingly. Please be quiet while they are posing. Too much movement or noise makes it hard for them to hold the pose. If you liked the model's poses or felt they did a good job, please tip them when the session is over. Some models charge money if you take reference photographs of them.

Model Photography

Photographing a model is ONLY permitted during a clothed or costumed session and at the model's discretion. Please ask first! Taking a shot of any model while posing nude is NOT allowed under any circumstance, with no exceptions!