Enrollment Policy

Enrollment Policy

Enrollment happens after the tuition or any extra class fees are paid in full. Once the full tuition for a class or workshop, your enrollment is complete. Full tuition or any material fees are due on the first day of class, with no exceptions.

If you have not paid your full tuition or fees by the first session of the class or workshop, you will automatically be dropped from the class.

Partial refunds will not be issued for any missed classes or workshop sessions.

No refunds are issued after the first session of a class or workshop has begun. If you wish to withdraw, you forfeit the entire tuition.

Instructors are not responsible for providing make-up sessions for any missed classes or workshop sessions. If you miss a class or session as a result of illness, emergency, or other events beyond your control, please coordinate with your instructor to receive handouts or notes.

You are welcome to repeat classes as many times as you like based on your interests.